Clayton FireHall
    When Clayton decided to renovate its Fire Station,  
Seger offered to decorate the Fire Company's new spaces.  
Part of the work involved the redesigned foyer to the
William "Ace" Carrow Banquet Hall, named for a revered
former member and company president.  Ed Ide, Project
Manager, suggested that an early photo of Carrow be
reproduced in large scale to highlight the room. To honor
Ace, Seger created a 4' x 7' silhouette painting based upon a
1925 photograph taken in front of the old firehall.  In it, a
three-year-old Ace is standing on a box in a 1923 REO fire
truck along with four men of the company.  Seger cut the
image out of 3/4" maple plywood and painted it in high-key
grays, reserving the full value range for the little boy. The
silhouette painting is now mounted 1 1/2" off the west foyer
What is believed to be a 1925 photograph taken
in front of the Old Clayton Firehouse.
4' x 7'
Valspar on 3/4" maple panel
The Ace Tribute
The Apparatus Bay
The Legacy Stairway