The folks at the
Clayton Fire
Company gave
Seger a fairly free
hand in deciding
what was to
appear on the
Stairway walls.  
Provided with
company source
material, he chose
to present the
images as old
photographs in
sepia tone.
The Stairway has
afforded Seger the
opportunity to create
a three-sided mural
filled with firefighting
images from history -
Clayton in particular -
hence the
Legacy Stairway.
The Stairway is
twenty-five feet high,
twenty-five feet wide
and twelve feet deep.
A thirteen-foot high Statue of Liberty.
The Twin Towers.
Crossed Ladders
Arch of Honor that
flew over the recent
funeral of Firefighter
Harvey Scott III.
In the rubble of 9/11,
firefighters raise the
Stars and Stripes.
Six Clayton firefighters
attack a blaze.
Eventually, three walls will be
covered with firefighting
images and scenes from
Clayton - some twenty-four in
all.  New images will be
posted as they are added to
the Legacy Stairway.
Seger's "office" area, under the
first landing.
Seger fashioned a special
platform to enable him to reach
the top of the stairwell.
The Ace Carrow
Silhouette Painting
The Apparatus Bay
The old Clayton
water tower
used to stand
behind the old
The Legacy Stairway at night.
Fighting the
Oak Hill fire.
Clayton Firehall
The Legacy Stairway
The Legacy Stairway
Something for the kids
(and the one in all of us).  
The company now has its
own forever dalmatian at
the foot of the stairs.
(Hydrant to follow.)
Under the stairway, Seger
painted the Clayton train
station and
watering trough.
A fire hydrant seems appropriate
for the dalmatian, proximity taken
into account.