Seussical, Jr.
Shields Elementary School
March 2016
Cape Henlopen
High School

Directed by
Stephanie Whitcomb
Kristin Gray
Devon Reber

Sets by Eddy Seger
Sound by Kevin Carter
Lights by Richard Sommerfield
Once again, the wonderful folks at Shields Elementary asked Seger to help
them with their musical.  Seger's solution to Seussical's sets includes a general
drop  and half drops for Who-ville, the Circus, and the Jungle of Nool as well
as a practical tree and bathtub.

The first six images below show the exciting first scene of the musical, with the
Cat in the Hat making magic on stage with Jojo.
The Cat in the Hat and Jojo begin the exciting first scene in front of the Seuss-inspired landscape.
In comes the rest of the cast and the Circus Tent.
Then, the Who-ville image drops in...
...followed by the Jungle of Nool...
...making for a marvelous first scene.
The Jungle of Nool.
Horton finds trouble in the
Jungle of Nool.
The Wikershams listen for a
sound from the clover.
Residents of Who-ville talk with Horton.
Jojo's parents are disappointed
with her thinking again, and
send her to take a bath.
Jojo's imagination gets the best of her, creating a world of fish from the bath.
Horton and Jojo share a tender moment, "Alone in the Universe."
Wickershams and Bird Girls in the Jungle of Nool.
Horton in his tree, sold to the Circus.
Gertrude returns the lost
clover to Horton who
discovers how much he
cares for her.
The trial of Horton with the Whos and Citizens of Nool.
The Cat gives his hat to Jojo.