Four Little Words
     On visiting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C., one
is struck that -- amid all of the wonderful and moving words attributed to him
and enshrined in granite --
not once is the word "dream" mentioned.

     Growing up as a teenager in Kansas in the Sixties, I embraced Dr. King's
message and argued with my family over the 1963 March on Washington.  "I
have a dream..." became a rallying cry for millions.  The speech was riveting
and has been hailed as one of this country's shining moments of oratory.  When
the omission at the memorial was mentioned to the park ranger staffing the
Visitor's Center, he responded, "Everyone knows that phrase; they wanted to
highlight other things."  Incredible!  How could we dedicate a space on the
National Mall to a man known for his inspirational words and
not include the
phrase he is most known for?  It would be like having a Lincoln Memorial
without the Gettysburg Address.  School children know better.

     We propose to remedy the situation with a solution that has, surprisingly,
revealed itself.  The recent elimination of a paraphrased quote on the north
side of the Stone of Hope has left a prime spot for something special. With the
engraving of  King's seminal phrase, "I HAVE A DREAM...", those four words
would assume their rightful place in the heart of a great man's remembrance.
      Four words, said as introduction to a vision.
      Four words that lift and inspire.
      Four words that belong to this man and his legacy, to this memorial.

      Let's make it happen.
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Eddy Seger
The North Face of the Stone of Hope
with the proposed words.
Many Thanks!