A Little
of That
From Me...
Cornerstone Church of Dover
Jesus  reveals himself as Heaven is
December 2015
Written by Everett De Morier
Directed by Dave Aubrey and Everett De Morier
The sixth Christmas show with the folks at Cornerstone Church (formerly First
Southern Baptist) required several large scenes and a depiction of Heaven (Just a
little chore, right?).  Seger was obliged to build twenty-seven new flats for fifteen
periaktoi needed to tell the story.  A mall and the interior of an old Victorian house
were part of the mix.  After several iterations for Heaven - including dropping gold
lame' strips, covering all of the periaktoi with black cloth, using slit drape, making
swags across the stage - the obvious inserted itself: LIGHT.  We would end the
show with Heaven as an ethereal, substantial, unavoidable presence, flooding the
room with a searing light.  Fog and 3000 watts of illumination rendered the effect
sublime.  Chris Baldinger, Walter Dill and Jeff Osgood contributed their considerable
painting skills to make the final look possible.

The story is about a man - Walt - who is dying and wants to give something to the
children he has neglected for the past ten years - a good (Heavenly) father.

This is his and their journey.
Even Santa makes an appearance.
The Mall scene.  Walter Dill made sure the windows were
outlined and Chris Baldinger painted the garland and wreaths.
Walt and his son outside the son's
Walt, his son and daughter in her
The old Victorian family home, with the neighbors celebrating their return.
Chris Baldinger manned  a shading
sponge to bring the house woodwork
to life.
Seger included a front porch
for fun, to give us a view of
the outside weather.
Downtown Dover - from the first show - is the backdrop for a parade.
Little Grace (a perfect name) steals
every heart as the Baby Jesus.
Of course, the reason for the season.
The world of houses and stores has
dissolved into the background as a funeral
brings everyone together.
Walt passes during a powerful voiceover.  His portrait,
painted by Seger, is the next image the audience sees.
With the touch of Jesus, Walt collapses.
Walt finds himself among  the
The family of Walt's daughter
in one of the interiors.