Clear Space Theatre presents Cole Porter's
March 2016                                                        Rehoboth Beach
Director David Button asked Seger to
come up with a ship deck that would
allow extensive dancing and utilize a 40"x
4'x 24' platform and steps that Seger had
built for the summer shows.  He answered
with  PVC piping and a design that leaves
little doubt that we are on board a ship
(listing to port in this photo).
  • Seger's father was a plumber, as is his brother.  He claims no expertise in  
    pipe-fitting, but did have a good time engineering and putting together the
With a twenty-five-foot
thrust, the stage at Clear
Space lends itself to the
creation of a ship.

This view is from the
"Orchestra Pit" balcony.  
Seger says he paints the
floor for the show's musical
director and accompanist,
Melanie Latzko Bradley.
The theater ramp becomes
the ship's gangplank.
Directed by
David Button
Set Design by
Eddy Seger
Original Concept
The Cast shakes
a leg singing
"Anything Goes."