The  Wizard of Oz
The  Wizard of Oz
Shields Elementary School
Directed by Kristin Gray
Set Designs by Eddy Seger
Jenny Nauman, Principal
Cape Henlopen High School
Lewes, Delaware
March 2014
When Seger's former student, Kristin Gray (math specialist for the Cape Henlopen School District) asked him to design
sets for the Shields Elementary School production of
The Wizard of Oz, he was ecstatic.  A native of Kansas and believer
in the land of "Ahs," he was thrilled to hear that her venue was no longer the back of a gymnasium, but the real live
theater of Cape Henlopen High School!  (Her shows have always been top-quality and really did deserve that final
professional touch.)  At Shields, her new school, Seger found nothing but the best support -- dedicated and caring
custodians who checked in with him and even brought him breakfast on Sunday mornings, delightful cafeteria workers
who fed and encouraged him, and a welcoming administration that allowed him the room and time to do a complete set.  
They cleared out the cafeteria to make way for backdrop painting and gave him his own area in which to work and store
gear.  Marvelous!  And the students were fantastic -- polite and helpful, full of energy and talent.
('re it!)

The whole experience was sublime, exceptional.  
During the "Cyclone," all of the Kansas
parts turned and rolled off as children
with ten-foot "wind" sticks ran circles
around everything, including Dorothy's
spinning bed, culminating in a tornado
in the middle of the stage.
Dorothy meets
Glinda for the
first time.
The Munchkins greet Dorothy with
song and dance.
A crowd favorite, the Lollipop Guild
lived up to expectations.

All of the costumes were exceptional.
The Wicked Witch of the West makes
her appearance.
Scarecrow, Toto and Dorothy come
upon the Tin Man.
Dorothy and Toto discover the
Lion espouses the advantages of
being "King of the Forest."
The Travelers ring the bell for
admittance to Emerald City.
Proud director, Kristin Gray.
In The Wizard's Chamber.
The Haunted Forest and Witch's Castle.
Just as Dorothy ran off to fetch Toto, the Wizard flipped up
a cut-out of his own image.  On cue, the balloon begins to
take off with only the Wizard aboard.  Great fun!
The Wizard prepares to take Dorothy
and Toto back to Kansas.
Up, Up and Away!
Curtain call for the 90-strong Cast and
Crew of
The Wizard of OZ.  
Technical Director/Sound
Kevin Carter
Ginger Angstadt
Stage Manager
Derek Dutton