Not long ago, I received the most exquisite
and wonder-full gift -- a memory book of
my days at Caesar Rodney High School.  It
is overwhelming!  Delivered anonymously,
page after page of comments and notes,
letters and photos bring back a  flood of
memories and personalities.  Truly, truly
humbling.  Those of you responsible are too
kind and more than generous.  You have
given me a Treasure.

It evidently was started at word of my
retirement in the spring of 2007, and has
since made the "rounds" according to my
wife (who I believe knows more than she's
telling.)   Its fifty-five-plus leaves have
been thoughtfully assembled in a beautiful
blue case.  Someone spent a huge amount
of time organizing and nurturing this to its
completion, and I am at a loss regarding
whom to blame.  There are the usual
suspects, but no one is fessing up.  I am
left holding all of you responsible, and
dearly love you for it.

Since the traditional "thank you" note is
not possible, I take this opportunity to
thank you here.  You have already given
so much over the years, it hardly seems
adequate.  But,
thank you for my Treasure
Thank you for reaching out, caring
about each other and telling stories on
stage that connect us all.  
Thank you for
putting up with this old man and affirming
the "
Yes!" in life.
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You One and All!

with much love,
These are dear faces from as many shows as
we have been able to locate.  My apologies to
those who have been left out and for the size
and lack of quality of some of the photos.  
You may see more from each show at
The names that follow left a
message or page in my Treasure
Book.  While they appear in
no particular order, I am
indebted to each.  
Thank You!
Caesar Rodney Stage Crew and Thespians
Heidi "Puddles" Pierce

Nena Page Sechler Craven
Joseph P. Kochel, Sr.
Thom and Marci Jackson
Peter LaVenia
Lori Major Carlin
Brian Austin      Eli Clark-Kramer
Amos Vernon      Tearany Pantoja
Tyler McClarnon      Forrest Mason
Mark Gibbs

Students of Lori Major Carlin
Sallie Hevalow Seger

Meghan Sarah McLaughlin
Ty Jones              Ian Atkinson
Judy Mims

Marian Darcy
Robert and Norma Leavene
Karyn Morris                   Nina Grimsdottir
Terry Frey
Jessi Allen

Kelsey Burris
Erienne Kilgore

Elaine Ippolito
Rebecca Morris

Katie Kazimir

Kristin M. Alborn
Rhonda (Gault) and Joe Bassett
Marcy Patterson

Gladys McCain Kerr

Janet Garrett
Neeta Nadkarny
John Moller
Romina Shaliza Mohamed

Dave DeHart

Kimberly Morris

Leslie A. Sharpe

Jeremy Isabella

Erin Collier-Plummer
Derek Benham

Darrell Louder

Leslie Knable Lauder

Jennifer Morris
Natasha Threatts

Elise Knable

Kathrina (Kati) Hammond

Rich Alborn

Harold and Linda Steele
The Xiques Family

Michele Xiques
T.R. Gamboa

Kristen N. Wood
The Night Crew
Aren't you glad you came?
I am.