Beautiful ballerinas
make Snow look
delicate and
Ballerina photos by
Denislav Nikolaev.
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker
Snow Backdrop
Delaware Dance Alliance
Seaford High School
December 2014
Michele Xiques, Artistic Director
Eddy Seger, Set Designer

Kevin Reb, Technical Director
Michele Xiques, Artistic Director for the Delaware Dance Alliance, asked her
former drama teacher Eddy Seger to create a new Snow Scene for her
Nutcracker Ballet.  He decided to present the scene as a sun-filtering icy
deciduous forest with evergreens gently intruding.
 Through the ingenious
engineering of Kevin Reb, an ordinary high school theater was transformed into
something magical.
Michele Xiques
Artistic Director
Seger employed glitter to make
the drop sparkle.