La Boheme
La Boheme
Giacomo Puccini's
University of Delaware Opera Theatre
Thompson Theatre
Newark, Delaware

May 2014
Directed by Dr. Blake Smith
Conducted by Dr. James Allen Anderson
Set Designs by Eddy Seger
Lighting by Steve Litterst
Acts I and IV Main Street Garret
The Opera Theater decided to give
Puccini's La Boheme a current flavor by
setting it at the University of Delaware
instead of 19th Century Paris
(Bohemians are, after all, on all college
campuses).  With that in mind, Seger
created a condensed Newark Main
Street using three representative
buildings (Wonderland, Caffe Gelato,
and the Cheeburger Diner) for his
backdrop.  Act I became a rundown
apartment in Newark, Act II was staged in
front of Klondike Kate's, and Act III
included one of the many wall and gate
scenes found on campus.
Main Street Backdrop
Act II the Cafe' Scene at
Klondike Kate's
Act III by a dorm
on The Green
Supertitles were projected on the
screen over each scene in Thompson
Kitchen area
of the sparse garret.