Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church
Dover, Delaware
December 2014
Written by Everett De Morier
Directed by Dave Aubrey and Everett De Morier
Sets by Eddy Seger
The folks at Cornerstone asked Seger to come up with three full-stage scenes that would help
tell the story of a mission to the country of Peru.  To accommodate the variety of scenes, he
created an airport drop with three distinct areas, a Peruvian drop with three areas, and an Andes
drop at sunrise.  To top it off, they asked him to come up with a pickup truck to load on stage.  
He responded with three 12' x 48' drops that were all stapled to a batten across the back wall,
each one being pealed away as it was done being used, thus revealing the next scene.
The Airport(s).
At The Village.

(Painted with the good
help of Chris Baldinger.)
Inside the Hotel.
The Veranda.
The Village Square.
A mission meeting in the Hotel.
Here is the solution to the
pickup truck problem (two
self-standing pieces
assembled in less than
thirty seconds).
In the Andes with a scene from the village (stage right) and a manger scene.
On the Mountain.  The snow in the foreground sparkles with glitter.
The well-earned Curtain Call.
Waiting to depart.