The Crucible
Robert Ward's Pulitzer Prize-winning adaptation of Arthur Miller's play
Dr. Blake Smith

Dr. James Allen Anderson

Set Designer
Eddy Seger
Dr. Smith asked Seger to create
a minimalist set with an
eight-by-twelve-foot platform eight
feet off the floor.  He responded
by standing four wagons on end,
bridging them with a couple of
platforms and attaching a third
platform with four-by-four posts.
The courtroom scene spanned the
stage and included the judge's
bench on high.
The platform height lent
itself to the superior
attitude of the judge while
those below delved in false
accusations and
The bedroom scene.
One of the requirements was
support for eight people on the
A  wife's jailhouse visit
and plea for his life.
The addition of forest images
alludes to the girl's dancing
naked among the trees and an
other-worldly focus.  The limbs
take on a life of their own.
The ultimate price of honor in the
face of ignorance.
Proctor refuses to give the
authorities what they want, thus
sealing his execution.  
Curtain call.
presented by
University of Delaware
Opera Theatre

Loudis Recital Hall Black Box
Amy duPont Music Building

November 2015